Calling All Men: These Hair Thickening Routines Really Work

When it comes to hair thickening, a consistent routine you can stick to is key. Here we reveal 3 men’s hair-thinning routines for fuller, thicker, hair.
If thicker looking hair is your goal, then know that you’re not alone.
70% of men experience hair fall, with one third of men experiencing it before the age of 35. But only 16% of men who experience hair fall use tailored care and treatment products and that’s where Kérastase comes in. No matter your thinning hair concerns, committing a little time to an easy hair care routine for thicker looking hair is key.

Our new Genesis Homme collection is a hardworking targeted range of products that are used both in-salon and at-home to get down to the root cause of hair fall and thinning for thicker hair fast.

Hair Thickening For Men: Instant And Long-Term Results

It’s normal to lose between 50 to 100 hairs every single day , it sounds like a lot but it’s only when that number exceeds 100 that you can start to notice hair thinning. With a hair thickening routine, consistency is key. That is why we have created a collection of men hair products that are not only easy to use but have a dual anti hair-fall action, to instantly give the look and feel of thicker hair, whilst working overtime to give you long-term benefits in as little as six weeks*.


Hair Thickening Routine for Men with Hair Fall If hair fall is a real issue for you, lean on our heroes. One of our best anti hair-fall shampoos is Genesis Homme Bain de Masse Épaississant Thickening Shampoo for Men . It really ramps up the texture in the shower whilst still leaving hair soft and shiny.

Apply our hero product Serum Genesis Homme Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant for Men to your scalp. This is the hero product in the collection and contains 1.5% Aminexil, an alternative to Minoxidil, which has been clinically proven to reduce the rate of hair fall after six weeks*. But, just like that gym routine, consistency is key—you have to stick to it. Keep the serum somewhere you’ll see it and be reminded to apply it every, single, day.

Follow this with Genesis Homme Texturisante Moulding Clay for Men, an instant thickening clay with a flexible medium hold and matte finish. It’s a great styling go-to but don’t underestimate its effectiveness for disguising hair fall—when used with Genesis Homme Bain de Masse thickening shampoo hair will be 5 times fuller hair and there will be an impressive +70% thickened fibres**.

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