Emily Ratajkowski goes blonde

She did it! The iconic brunette Emily Ratajkowski went blonde. Going blonde is something Emily had been thinking about for a while, but she was concerned about the toll it could take on her hair. She finally took the leap with Kérastase and joined the club of celebrities going from brunette to blonde.
A full head of hair dye can be scary, but after 3 years of collaboration with the brand, Emily trusted Kérastase. She was confident her newly bleached hair would be in great hands with our products.
Because Emily dares to be blonde, we care
What convinced her? Blond Absolu, our ultra-violet healing collection that preserves the bright look and bold spirit of all blondes. When you have the right product to preserve the health of your hair, blonding has no limits.

Blondes experience a range of different hair concerns – bleaching the hair can leave strands vulnerable to breakage, and colour can fade, losing its unique tones. So having the appropriate haircare routine is a must. Deeply infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, Blond Absolu heals and restores the fibre, delivering the ultimate care for faux blondes.

Blonde is more than just a look, it is a statement. Johnny Ramirez is one of the most well-known hair colourists in Los Angeles and responsible for some of the most beautiful blondes. He shares his tips for a sun kissed, lived-in blonde.

STEP 1: BATH with purple shampoo to remove brassiness

The first step of Emily’s new routine is Bain Ultra-Violet. This purple shampoo neutralizes brassiness and unwanted yellow tones in faux blondes. This is the ideal product for Emily to keep her new blonde luminous and fresh!


STEP 2: TREAT with an intensely fortifying conditioner

The second step of her haircare routine is Cicaflash, a super shot of care with the restorative performance of a masque and the lightweight finish of a conditioner.


STEP 3: TEXTURIZE with a healing heat-protecting serum

Finally, Emily finishes her Kérastase Blond Absolu routine with the hair primer Cicaplasme. This is a lavender coloured fortifiying leave-in with heat protection, that deeply nourishes while adding extra softness and colour stability.




The right haircare products makes the transition to blonde so much easier. So what are you waiting for? Follow Emily and take the leap for a beautiful blonde.

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