How to Care for Dyed Blonde Hair

Colorist Johnny Ramirez is responsible for some of the most beautiful blondes in Los Angeles. He's known for his soft, natural, sun-kissed looks — what he calls "lived-in color". Here are his top tips for living with salon-born blonde.
Use blond specific products.
To maintain true tones, use a routine specifically designed for blond hair, like Blond Absolu.

Finish with a cool rinse.
Cool water closes cuticles, maintaining color and imparting shine.

Use a purple shampoo and masque.
The purple pigments in products like Bain Ultra-Violet and Masque Ultra-Violet cancel out the yellow and brassy tones that pop up on lightened hair.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Bleached hair is highly sensitized and vulnerable to dryness. Use rich, moisturizing products like Cicaflash to rehydrate.
Wash less often.
Shampooing less is best for blonde. Bleached hair absorbs natural oils, decreasing the need for cleansing.

Add a leave-in treatment.
A serum like Cicaplasme will seal bleached hair, protecting it from heat and exposure to the elements.

Get regular trims.
Blonde hair tends to be dry, so frequent cuts (every 4-6 weeks) will keep ends from splitting and maintain overall healthy hair.

Shield hair from the sun.
Bleached hair is extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays, which can cause dryness and color changes. Wear a scarf or hat in the sun, or use Cicaplasme for its UV-protective qualities.

Protect hair at the pool.
Chlorine can dry lightened hair out and turn it green. Before you go swimming, wet your hair and add conditioner. This keeps the chlorine from soaking in.

Minimize heat styling.
Heat is hell on vulnerable bleached hair. Reduce or eliminate the use of curling irons, flat irons and high-heat blowdryers. If you must heat style, always prep with Cicaplasme.

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