The Secret Weapon For Long, Healthy Hair

So you want long, healthy hair, but you’re addicted to the blowdryer. Not a problem. New Extentioniste Thermique protects hair up to 230℃, reducing breakage by 93%*, so you can feel free to style away. Your hair stays strong while it grows long. 

The old dilemma goes like this. You’ve decided to grow your hair long, and it’s one step up, two steps back. Because damaged hair means split ends, which means frequent, aggressive haircuts. The secret to growing your hair out successfully is keeping it optimally healthy. If not, your hair never quite reaches its full potential, and a lot of it has to do with your unhealthy relationship with your blowdryer. So do you break up with your hot tools, or keep doing the blowouts and end up with unhealthy hair that cannot grow long?

You don't have to choose. Not anymore.


Maybe we’re a little obsessed with the idea of zero compromise, but we think you should be able to style your hair as you wish, even if you’re trying to grow it long. So we added a new secret weapon to our long hair range, Resistance Extentioniste.



The first leave-in styling primer in the collection, Extentioniste Thermique is a thermo-protectant blowdry and primer gel cream specially formulated for those who want to grow their hair long, keep it healthy and also style it how they wish.



Heat styling is the biggest threat to long hair hopefuls. It dries the hair out, causing damage, breakage and a rough texture. We infused Extentioniste Thermique with Glaçage Thermo-Ceal, Creatine R™ and Taurine to instantly seal and resurface the hair fiber, protecting it from heat up to 230℃, and reducing breakage by 93% after one single application. Oh and also? It makes hair instantly smooth, soft and shiny.


Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world